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7 Effective Online PR Tips for Local Businesses

Starting a local business can be very difficult especially if the competitors are more experienced or have more business knowledge in the industry. Fortunately, traditional marketing strategies are no longer the only effective ways of ensuring business success because of the growing popularity of internet marketing.

Online PR Cornwall

By promoting products or services online, even the newest of small businesses have the chance to grow and succeed in their markets. All that is needed to jumpstart promotion are a few solid online PR tips for local businesses. It is possible for anyone to have some PR success using the following tips. But DIY PR is not for everyone. Businesses which need help with their online promotion, could try this Cornwall PR & Social Media Marketing company.

Using Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in developing good publicity for businesses nowadays. In fact, all medium or large businesses in the world that deal with thousands of customers operate at least one large social media account to interact with their fans.

In the same way, social media can also be used even by small local businesses. One of the biggest powers of social media is that information can be shared with friends or connections within the network. With plenty of social media networks and with the users of these networks numbering in the millions, the possibilities in marketing are endless.

Taking Advantage of Online Trends

Every month, internet usage is dictated by a number of browsing trends especially concerning popular current events or pop culture. Local businesses can take advantage of these online trends by creating their marketing efforts with comical ideas derived from these trends.

Examples can be through the use of internet memes, editing statements used by popular individuals, editing iconic pictures in a promotional way, or even patterning a product or service promotion based on the promotion of a popular large business.

Going Viral

Using a unique and funny or inspirational video and spreading it through social media can be a very powerful way of promoting a product or service. A local business can start small by hiring a local small-time celebrity in the video and asking him to help spread it through his various social media accounts.

Running a Contest

Contests are great attention grabbers especially if the prize at stake is something big or important. They can add a catch to winning the prize by, for example, letting the contestants spread the word about the contest and saying something about the business through their various social media accounts.

Giving Back

A local business that gives back to its local community is a very powerful publicity tool and can help boost customer feedback and loyalty. This can be made even more powerful if the effort is shown in social media. When people know that a business is doing good things for others, they will think twice about buying products or services from its competitors.

Tying Up With Major Local Online Forums

Believe it or not, almost all cities around the world have a dedicated online forum or community message board where the citizens can post and share information with anyone in the same locality. These can be a goldmine for a local business because it caters mostly to the local area the business markets to. Interacting with users regularly and even giving out discounts to these forum members can do a lot in improving word-of-mouth marketing.

Tying Up With Local Bloggers

Bloggers are some of the most visible personalities in the internet world because of the frequent readership they have. By partnering with them, local businesses can tap to their readers which most likely come from the same locality. Businesses can offer these local bloggers a free product or free service in exchange for giving them a review.

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